Explore the Perth City with Royal Rider – Ride Sharing App

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The capital city of West Australia Perth is a gorgeous city with great attractions like amazing beaches, restaurant, museums, theater and much more not to forget the wonderful weather. The spectacular scenery of the coastline, crystal clear water of the sea, reefs, and beaches all make Perth a tourist’s delight. Perth has much to offer for tourists and residents alike like Perth Mint, Fremantle Prison, Kings Park, St Mary’s Cathedral, Aviation Heritage Museum and other adventurous activities and water sports.Going sightseeing and enjoying the beaches of Perth can be made very simple yet comfortable with Royal Rider ride sharing app.

Royal Rider ride sharing app is a comprehensive ridesharing network located in the city of Perth providing ride sharing services round the clock at very affordable rates. The basic goal of this service is to provide traveling first class deluxe style to all those who just love traveling and going for trips. In fact, there is so much to see in Perth and with a reliable and trustworthy rider service with loyal and friendly drivers who are ever willing to help you, can make your visit to Perth a great experience.

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The mobile ride sharing app, ‘Royal Rider’ is an efficient comfortable yet affordable cab service operating in Perth serving tourists as well the local population for their daily transportation requirements. Royal Rider ride sharing app is characterized by various features that set it apart from other cab services, the most important being the affordable fare with flexible payment options. Authentication of the customer’s credit card access is required only once at the time of registration while other money details required for future payments will be credited in the mobile app. With over two hundred safe and reliable drivers you will not have any problem reaching the specified destination at the right time.

Another feature of Royal Riders is the Automated Fare Calculator which provides useful information regarding fare with the help of GPS system. The mobile apps embedded with Google navigation system helps in tracking the movement of cabs by the admin team. The use of SMS alerts is a great way to ensure good communication between the driver and the customer providing the best service. If you want to choose a particular car before hiring a ride sharing service of Royal Rider, you can certainly do it though it might prove to be a little tough. With a large range of economy as well as premium vehicles you can definitely travel in style by selecting the vehicle of your choice.

The last but not the least one great feature of Royal Rider is that you can become a driver earning good money with the ride sharing app if you so desire. All you require here is by registering yourself and uploading the necessary documents.

Royal Riders thus provides user-friendly and dedicated services to customers. So, what’s stopping you? Open the Royal Rider app and update your location. Just search and you will be surprised how one of the members of our team will be at your service in minutes. Get Going!!  Just sit back and enjoy the ride while exploring the city of Perth.