How Royal Rider Gives Comfort & Affordable Travel Like Uber

Royal Rider the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs is basically a ride sharing network providing travel sharing services round the clock at affordable rates in Perth.  The aim is to give travelers a great deluxe style unforgettable traveling experience with our loyal drivers and the efficient Driver and Passenger apps. Another feature like Uber app is ‘Drive with Royal Rider in Perth’ is for people who own a car and want to earn some extra income. They can partner with Royal Rider by helping riders commute around town and get paid in the process and that too when it suits them.

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Whether you are heading to the office, to the airport or any destination in Perth or out of town like Uber app, Royal Rider connects you with a ride in minutes just with the tap of a button. The driver will know exactly where to go and the best of all the whole transaction is cashless.

Royal Rider like Uber Has Certain Features Which Make It Very Popular With Riders

How Royal Rider Gives Comfort Like Uber app

  • GPS Tracking System: All taxis can be tracked by the admin panel along the map with the help of Google/iOS navigation fixed in the mobile app.
  • Fare Calculator: Automatic calculation of fare on the basis of the distance from pickup to drop off and time is taken with the help of GPS. This might vary according to the location.
  • Prompt SMS Alerts: For the purpose of better communication notifications and SMS alert are sent to the passengers and drivers at the same time
  • Future Payments: During the first ride a one-time verification of credit card or PayPal details is done. All necessary financial details are added in the mobile app for the purpose of future payments.

The Objective of Royal Rider Drive vs Ride Has Several Features And Benefits

Royal Rider Comfort Like Uber app

  • The driver has the choice of being online or offline according to their convenience
  • The choice of accepting or rejecting rides is on the driver’s discrepancy. He can do so based on the passenger rating
  • The simple and easy navigation system guides drivers to reach any required destination.
  • It is very convenient as the driver will get paid once they drop the rider at the required destination at the specified time.

Royal Rider is moving on the footsteps of features like Uber app who are the world famous and experienced engineers and scientists working together for the future of transport technology.  Intercom pickup location change is a new feature included recently in the Uber app where riders can edit the pick-up location even after they have requested for the ride.

For exploring ride Royal Rider providing the vehicle from non-luxurious to luxurious vehicles like a Mercedes-Benz C-Class will assist passengers to travel in comfort and style with more leg space. The C-Class will provide an unmatchable ambiance for passengers with features like sliding sunroof, reversing camera, illuminated boot and multicolor ambient lighting.

Royal Rider being a convenient, online and affordable ride sharing app will definitely let you enjoy the merits of riding royally just by downloading the mobile app.

Are you ready to feel the experience on the Road? Download Royal Rider ride-sharing app today at Royal